1. Vashu Shivam Jun 20, 2024

    In this article, we will discuss the optimizations we did to reduce the footprints of our Elasticsearch. We optimized write throughput and reduced disk storage by leveraging query patterns and tuning indexing and doc_values for fields in elastic search.

  2. Nitish Goyal Jun 10, 2024

    In the previous article, I provided a concise overview of PhonePe’s Elasticsearch architecture and outlined the diverse strategies employed to efficiently scale our cluster in order to manage millions of writes.

  3. Nitish Goyal May 30, 2024

    Real time analytics platform at PhonePe handles more than 100 billion events a day. We store this data for approximately 30 days which is equivalent to almost 3 trillion events in the Elasticsearch cluster.

  4. Ayush Bagaria Mar 15, 2024

    Have you ever used the PhonePe app to send money to a friend via their phone number? If you did, you’ve definitely come across the P2P flow. Read this blog to understand how we made one of the most important features of the PhonePe app faster by reducing latency significantly.

  5. Pincode iOS team Nov 29, 2023

    Setting context: Adoption of SwiftUI by PhonePe Since PhonePe’s inception in 2015, its mobile ecosystem has primarily consisted of the PhonePe app, the PhonePe Business app, and a payment gateway SDK for third-party apps. Over the years, we have managed to grow the PhonePe app to almost ~1.2M lines of code. During this time, the… Continue reading Embracing SwiftUI: PhonePe’s journey building ONDC-powered Pincode