1. By Nipun VK, Trust and Safety Team at PhonePe Jul 28, 2022

    The Trust and Safety team at PhonePe are problem-solvers and a team of analysts, engineers, and product folks. They are the subject matter experts in this field who combine domain expertise, statistical knowledge, and computer science skills to solve various problems around fraud and offer abuse. We at PhonePe, leverage a diverse list of signals and deploy sophisticated techniques to keep our users’ money safe.

  2. By: Jay Chawda, Network Architect at PhonePe Nov 24, 2020

    Background / Problem Statement: Being a Fin-Tech organization with payments as the core offering, at PhonePe we focus on securing our network perimeter with ultra-tight security measures. However, traditional approaches of implementing / securing the edge, like the one shown below (fig. 1) has a number of limitations. Some of the limitations of traditional design:… Continue reading SecurEdge: The Linearly Scalable Edge Firewall Architecture for Data Centers

  3. Engineering the product on Day 1 to handle hyper-growth in the future Apr 15, 2020

    By Rahul Chari, Co-Founder & CTO at PhonePe  Every entrepreneur in the technology space, starts his or her journey with the dream of building a product or providing a solution that addresses a strong need, or solves a fairly pervasive problem using technology as the enabler. Technology today allows us to not only provide an… Continue reading Technology Catch-22

  4. An Overview of Building the PhonePe App Oct 21, 2019

    By Vivek Soneja, Architect (Mobile Apps) at PhonePe  The PhonePe app has expanded from 0 to 150M+ in less than 30 months. Our app is growing uniquely in multiple dimensions. It’s not only adding more business-verticals, but every vertical is adding more features, which in turn are getting more evolved. We believe, if we do… Continue reading Zero to 150Mn+ Users in 3 years!

  5. Meet Radhika Tamvada, Product Head for Mutual Funds Sep 24, 2019

    With over 12 years of hands-on experience in building consumer products, Radhika led the launch of Tax Saving Funds at PhonePe – our first big leap in the Financial Services space. Prior to this, she was heading the Personalisation and Recommendations charter at Flipkart. She had earlier worked on People Search, Social Graph and Real-time… Continue reading It’s all about the money!

  6. The architect behind “Apps” on PhonePe Aug 05, 2019

    “Mobile apps were just getting popular when I was in college back in 2008. I was lucky to get introduced to app development during a workshop. It felt like magic to learn how we could program everyday devices. Programming, I realised was a mix of all the things I liked; science, art and products,” says… Continue reading Meet Vivek Soneja

  7. [email protected] Engineering! Jul 29, 2019

    We recently welcomed our new batch of 25 engineers from premier institutes. Our fresh from campus hires, went through the coveted on-boarding program “Bootcamp 2019.” The Bootcamp saw them learn about server side architecture, the tech stack and the engineering design philosophy at PhonePe. In addition, they also got a chance to work on a… Continue reading The PhonePe Bootcamp

  8. Building a highly scalable infrastructure to power Microservices Jul 01, 2019

    By Phaneesh N, Software Architect at PhonePe  Solving payments for the world’s largest democracy is not easy. Enabling access to payment as a first class service to applications, platforms and consumers in the most predictable, responsive and resilient manner is a fundamental ask when you are enabling something on such a large scale. Out of… Continue reading Living on the ‘Edge’

  9. The architect behind PhonePe’s central processing system Jun 07, 2019

    Santanu loves scale! The whizz architect builds systems that can handle tens of thousands of requests per second. At PhonePe, he has built the central transaction processing system – and this is not his first rodeo! Having contributed to ebooks systems and the event storage platform (Foxtrot) at Flipkart, he’s also credited with building the… Continue reading Meet Santanu Sinha