1. Ayush Bagaria, Android team Mar 15, 2024

    Have you ever used the PhonePe app to send money to a friend via their phone number? If you did, you’ve definitely come across the P2P flow. Read this blog to understand how we made one of the most important features of the PhonePe app faster by reducing latency significantly.

  2. By Pincode iOS team Nov 29, 2023

    Setting context: Adoption of SwiftUI by PhonePe Since PhonePe’s inception in 2015, its mobile ecosystem has primarily consisted of the PhonePe app, the PhonePe Business app, and a payment gateway SDK for third-party apps. Over the years, we have managed to grow the PhonePe app to almost ~1.2M lines of code. During this time, the… Continue reading Embracing SwiftUI: PhonePe’s journey building ONDC-powered Pincode

  3. Surya M and Krishna Prasanth Apr 19, 2023

    Following up on the blog about PhonePe’s Internal Cloud Provisioning service, this blog addresses inventory addition flow management that makes it easier for the Procurement team, Site Operations (Siteops) team and the Tools team to track assets coming into our data centers, their health and much more. In the previous blog, we explained the overarching… Continue reading PhonePe’s Server State Management via Senzu and PIOUS: An Overview

  4. Sunil Rajashekar and Mohammed Irfanulla Mar 30, 2023

    As PhonePe continues to scale, the tech that goes behind each division also needs to scale and meet the requirements of all stakeholders involved. Bullzeye addresses a few challenges faced in managing ads such as issues with scalability of reporting modules and frequency cap modules, scarce information on the code and implementation details, delayed improvements, and recurring custom development fees. To solve this, our engineering team built Bullzeye, a full fledged software stack that forms PhonePe’s digital ad ecosystem.