1. An Overview of Building the PhonePe App Oct 21, 2019

    By Vivek Soneja, Architect (Mobile Apps) at PhonePe  The PhonePe app has expanded from 0 to 150M+ in less than 30 months. Our app is growing uniquely in multiple dimensions. It’s not only adding more business-verticals, but every vertical is adding more features, which in turn are getting more evolved. We believe, if we do… Continue reading Zero to 150Mn+ Users in 3 years!

  2. The architect behind “Apps” on PhonePe Aug 05, 2019

    “Mobile apps were just getting popular when I was in college back in 2008. I was lucky to get introduced to app development during a workshop. It felt like magic to learn how we could program everyday devices. Programming, I realised was a mix of all the things I liked; science, art and products,” says… Continue reading Meet Vivek Soneja